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Alexis Lichterman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Hello! I'm Salus Founder and CEO, Alexis Lichterman. I have been in the Payments Industry for close to 15 years and have enjoyed every exciting moment of it. This space is ever-changing, and it's hard for busy merchants to keep up. I see it as mine and Salus's duty to inform them of those changes that affect them and their businesses.


I found that by volunteering my time to industry organizations and associations, I was receiving up to date knowledge that could help merchants grow and streamline their payment processing. After receiving awards and acknowledgments with various organizations, I decided it was my time bring my specific crusade to the industry.


My belief is that all merchants, regardless of size, revenue, or risk level, deserve a stable payments solution. You should see my face light up when we find our clients their "perfect payments fit". It truly does bring me joy! In my personal time, I love spending time with my baby daughter, and teaching her all of the card brand interchange categories. Just kidding...or am I? I hope you will trust us with your businesses merchant processing, and look forward to helping your business thrive!